UxPowerUps Issue#1

Featuring this week: a conference talk on Data, subjectivity and Design; Hiring Designers and PMs; Rethinking and rebuilding for discovery; Leading vs. following user demands...

David Cancel (I didn't misspell that), CEO of Drift.com (and former CPO of Hubspot) talks about the "special sauce" and shares his hiring philosophy for Product Managers + useful checklists.

"A job ad is a call for help." So how does one craft a great candidate experience for experience designers? This article by veteran UXer Jared Spool is partly tongue-in-cheek and largely littered with helpful tips.

I had the opportunity to see this thought provoking presentation at the IxDA 2016 a few weeks ago. Patricia Wang takes us on a whirlwind trip from 16th C Venice to Occulus Rift, showing up instances of data bias, perspective collision and moving from Big Data to Thick Data. And, needless to say, the underlying idea that design needs to work with data. Approximately 50 mins.

"All curation grows until it requires search, all search grows until it requires curation". Better discovery is the underlying theme of this interesting read and takeaways in some varying measure for all, depending on what stage of business you're in.

is a surprising entry from a collective (of largely philosophers) musing on facets of life. The premise is interesting and something we struggle with: do customers really know what they want? And giving them just what they want a recipe for mediocrity? Why is their 'taste' so fickle? Would suggest reading this one with the nextβ€”

"In absence of any measurement of greatness, how do we spot it? It may be just down to knowing it when we see it. But not everybody does!"

Until next week...

PS: Thoughts, comments and insightful+interesting reads are always welcome.