UxPowerups - Issue #2

This is the 'get-it-done' issue - plenty of examples of whats and hows: how others did what they did. From Empty states to Live systems, Lean UX and more... 

"Design is often a matter of diving headfirst into an unknown abyss, and preparing to modify your thinking based on what you learn." Do you really to need to design or code it all? Heres' a perspective (and don't miss out on the comments).

Every aspect of the experience, however trivial adds up. Empty states are one such interesting but relatively unexplored area. Although it may not be "the most important" as the headline claims. An interesting read (aimed more at a beginner audience) and annotated with loads of examples and some "what-ifs". 

This isn't an article but an answer from Mint's design lead Jason Putorti, on Quora. Mint build trust (in the financial world where habits are hard to change), scaled quickly and got acquired (maybe prematurely?). Mint's core team has, in multiple posts/answers underlined the need for credible design: "If the site 'looked' shady, nobody would have gotten past the first page." Great to see a designer looking at the bigger picture and connecting all the dots that contribute to usefulness, user growth, traction! [PS: good part about Quora is you get multiple PoVs]

My friend Josh also happens to be a co-author of Lean UX and this 50 min talk, is a great hands-on guide to Lean design thinking+doing, with 2 great case studies (although more relevant for the web world). His is a call to product designers for being custodians and stewards of experience using live systems.

Not really a get-it-done article. But this super short read is an excellent reminder on the need to make your product/service not just useful - but uniquely useful. For those who may have heard me repeat how usefulness trumps usability, and for those who haven't :)

Read, seen, heard/overheard something interesting, insightful or actionable? Share via [email protected] 

Until next week!

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