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  • DUp 📣 Issue 156 > Live & Open #StepUpTo24 + Frugal to Ornate, Parenting (mis)adventures, Andol, HBD Pentagram, Plus much more

DUp 📣 Issue 156 > Live & Open #StepUpTo24 + Frugal to Ornate, Parenting (mis)adventures, Andol, HBD Pentagram, Plus much more

📣 It’s Live and Open: DesignUp #StepUpTo24

So it’s finally here - the DesignUp Big Event Website has gone live and in another 24 hours, the Early Bird Tickets go on Sale!! That’s Wednesday 1pm IST - block your seat before you go off to lunch. Limited seats and only until they last.

Talking of Seats, we thought it’s time to introduce our eclectic and offbeat speaker line up for #StepUpTo24 - starting with Sarita Sundar, a Designer who who poked around the stories of seats in India, eventually writing a book on it. She joins with some very different perspectives, like our other speaker Vivekananda Roy Ghatak - who draws pics, animates them and also co-authored a book on parenting (mis)adventures with his son. Get a chance to meet the person behind the Lion avataar and hear two very very diverse perspectives.

But that’s not all - we have birthday stories (not us), eye candy, toolkit and much more - in this edition curated by design veteran Shiva Viswanathan - everything you’ve come to expect of the cross-pollinated DesignUp Newsletter - like our creatively-cross-pollinated events! 

🌟 Speaker Spotlight

🎤 Sarita Sundar

Book cover From the Frugal to the Ornate

🎤 Vivekananda Roy Ghatak

🌏️ Around the Web

Unsupervised is an exhibition at MoMA by Refik Anadol, a media artist and designer. He created a portal into the dreamscape of artificial intelligence or ‘being in the mind of a machine, exploring memories and cognition’. While we are talking about tactical and conceptual tasks by AI tools, Refik explores their ‘thought’ while you are not watching.

🧰 Your Toolkit

💖 Eye Candy

gif from @rossnorton

🍀 Stay calm and stay curious, and don’t forget to block your seat on Wednesday @ 1pm IST on the DesignUp Big Event Website!