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DUp 172 πŸŽ“ Guest Ed > End of Schooling? AI Interfaces, Generative UI, AI Ethicists & more

πŸš€ πŸš€ We’re at the halfway point of 2024 and DesignUp Conference 2024 planning is in full swing!

Early Bird Conference passes flew off pretty fast (Super Early Birds flew off 4x faster). The Pop-Up school popped up on the radar - DesignUp Conference partnering with Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design and FLAME University to bring 4 intensive week-long courses (which have started as you read these). And at Atlassian, an evening conversation with a thoughtful panel of Designers and Design Leaders over coffee, snacks, and questions.

πŸŽ™Want to speak at DesignUp 2024?

The Call for Speakers opened up, and we’re amazed to see the enthusiasm, and the responses pouring in. Hurry up and send yours in!

🌏️ Guest Editor Navneet Nair takes us around the Design Web


Good design is invisible. It makes the experience seem effortless. Good design also hides the meticulous planning and iterations that go into making it. People never realise it’s good design, they just enjoy using it…

Navneet Nair

πŸ’¬ In today’s edition, Product Design Leader Navneet Nair, who has left his mark on products and brands such as PhonePe, Yahoo! and Google, shares a list of handpicked articles to get you thinking about design innovation today, and the integration of AI in UX - β€œAs AI continues to evolve, it presents both opportunities and challenges for designers. From enhancing user experiences to ethical considerations, the impact of AI is profound and multifaceted. This curated list of articles will provide insightful perspectives and practical tips on how to navigate this rapidly changing landscape.”


β€œIf teachers are worried they will lose their jobs because AI can do the task more efficiently, we as a society need to re-assess what we want our teachers to do. And to do that, we have to understand that education and schooling are not the same thing.”

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