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  • DUp 🎁 Issue 161 > ByeBye Binary, Call for Students, Murakami illustrated, Stochastic Parrot, WrapUp & More

DUp 🎁 Issue 161 > ByeBye Binary, Call for Students, Murakami illustrated, Stochastic Parrot, WrapUp & More

The countdown to 2024 has begun - and we have an extended lineUp of interestingness for you, for our second last edition of 2023.

But before that we have an announcement - DesignUp is all set to sponsor and support three final-year Design and Non-Design students, or recent grads seeking internships. The projects could even shape the foundation of the final-year thesis project. These 3-6 month projects will meet well-defined deadlines, offering a unique chance to showcase creativity and skills, experiment, implement and shine. Click right here for the open call for Curious Creators & Maverick Makers! And remember to good by spreading the word around!

And there’s more - eye candy (of course), Bye Bye Binary, Murakami, Language Justice and some deeply personal perspectives on #StepUpTo24

🎉 Wrap up #StepUpTo24

The DesignUp Crew lineUp…

ICYMI, we announced 4 new board members Esha Mookerjee DuttaHemant SutharShirish Andhare, and Shiva Viswanathan, a revamped website, dates for the 2024 conference, and an all-new Priority Pass for 2024... 

So go mark your calendars well in advance, and grab those Priority passes for super benefits and savings.. everything you need to know is right here: designup.io 👉

Here are some more recaps from our speakers, volunteers, and attendees.

🌏️ Around the Web

Last year at DesignUp22, we saw how Girish Dalvi & Ektype are addressing diversity and equality in Indian typography - here are some more stories, coming from global type history and the intersections of feminism and design.

Those of us who are educators and mentor young designers have an opportunity to expand the way we teach the elements and principles of design. Providing non-Western reference points for concepts of color theory, pattern, contrast, and typography allows our creativity imaginations to grow. 

Sabiha Basrai

Typography and design are not neutral. Privilege and oppression are distributed and manifest themselves through designed artifacts such as clothes, furniture pieces, digital interactions, or typography.

Don’t miss these two stories circulating in the community - if you work in UX, you’ll recognize Late-Stage UX already, and this delightful story by cartoonist Angie Wang informs and reflects.

💖 Eye Candy

This eerie film from WWF highlights the dangers of fossil fuels (which account for over 75% of global man-made greenhouse gas emissions, and nearly 90% of all carbon dioxide emissions), using innovative stop-motion animation from Yannis Konstantinidis and Studio Nomint.

Nigerian artist Olalekan Jeyifous imagines future worlds where “humanity thrives within the strictures of its self-inflicted handicaps” and believes that speculations can guide our behaviors toward positive change.

gif by Daniel Barreto

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