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DUp 164 🌏️ 5 Future Roles, Kings of Tech, De-Manufacturing, Tools & Toolkits

We are back again, just when the first month of a brand new year is almost at an end. That was fast, wasn’t it? So we have a brand new set of goodness for you, and something that isn’t exactly new - Mac turns 40! 40! - Let that sink in…

Meanwhile, we have got into the swing of DesignUp - with roughly 9 months, 35 odd weeks to go for the conference (it’s 28 Sept to Oct 4, for the Festival, Oct 3-4, Thu-Fri dedicated to the conference!). Priority passes have begun to fly off the shelves and we think they’ll sell out in the next 4-6 weeks!

If your org/brand/school is looking to partner with DesignUp - there’s never been a better time. Join up early for an extended visibility, get loads (and literally loads) of eyeballs and interest. Amplify your brand or school or org or your D2C or B2B brand.

That’s all the update-y stuff and here’s over to actionable inspiration! And some Eye-candy too…

🌏️ Around the Web

📺 Filmmakers Ben Wolin and Michael Minahan’s documentary short follows Daniel Kish, a blind teacher, who uses clicks and echos to listen his way through the world.

People don’t think in software features. People see a tool, and they want to get something done. As soon as that something gets done, they’re done with the tool. For the majority of people, software is mostly annoying. It’s a thing they negotiate with to get what they want.

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🍀 Stay calm and stay curious,