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DUp 📣 Issue 157 > 24 DaysToGo, 100Hands, Climate Collective, Data Gov, Dark Patterns & More...

📣 Countdown to DesignUp #StepUpTo24

Time flies like an arrow and passes keep flying off! We’re down to that number - TwentyFour. 24 days to go for DesignUp #StepUpTo24 and we’re all super excited to welcome you back to our brand new format, in-person event! Excited and a little nervous - our speakers’ longlist is wayyyy longer, and converting into the shortlist was a hard task - esp since we wanted a wide diversity of thoughts, perspectives, opinions, and PoVs! To enrich your worldview, perspectives, and takeaways for 2024!

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🌟 Speaker Spotlight

Our speakers are an eclectic bunch of people, doing the good work that’s needed in the world right now!

🎤 Divya Hegde

Divya Hegde is the founder of Baeru and is currently part of the Women Climate Collective, a community seeking to increase the representation of women’s voices in the climate conversation. Here’s a glimpse into one of her many initiatives for climate change:

🎤 Rahul Matthan

The talk Privacy by Design by Rahul Matthan was (unsurprisingly) a big hit at DesignUp Conference 2022. Providentially, Rahul has recently launched his new book, The Third Way: India’s Revolutionary Approach to Data Governance.

🎤 Bijoy Ramachandran

In this talk, architect and urban designer Bijoy Ramachandran, co-founder at HundredHands, introduces the audience to the design process of an architect, and explores the question, “What Happened to Architecture?” Incidentally, Bijoy’s firm HundredHands also designed the popular institution Bangalore International Centre.

🇮🇳 Governance for Dark Patterns in India’s Digital Policy

Design veteran Sridhar Dhulipala reports: In a welcome step, the Government of India’s Department of Consumer Affairs under Minister Piyush Goyal made public their draft Guidelines on “Prevention and Regulation of Dark Patterns”, a big step towards ensuring consumer rights are protected with adequate legal redressal mechanisms. It addresses subtle (or in-your-face) design or advertising tricks that subvert or impair user autonomy, influence decision-making, and work to the detriment of the user.

☎️ The ministry also set up a helpful “National Consumer Helpline - 1915” besides their GAMA portal to report misleading advertisements.

🌐 The not-for-profit trust, Internet Freedom Foundation (IFF), welcomes the policy and encourages expanding the list to cover more malpractices such as obstruction, social proofs, psychological pricing, growth hacking, linguistic dead-ends, roach motels, privacy zuckering, nagging, privacy maze, bait and switch and linguistic dead-ends.

👉🏽 For an authoritative list of dark patterns visit Deceptive Design. As user-centric design practitioners, designers should be aware of these, champion user rights, and evangelize this resource in their network.

🌏️ Around the Web

🗃️ Your Toolkit

In this interview at the World Economic Forum, distinguished professor, futurist, and academic Genevieve Bell explains how to avoid reductive thinking about tech.

💝 Eye Candy

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🍀 Stay curious, and see you soon - in 24 days…